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TurbochargersThe greater emphasis on fuel economy, engine responsiveness, and emissions control are driving turbocharger technology to new levels. As an authorized sales and service centre for many leading turbocharger manufacturers, Diesel Injection can help you maintain your turbocharger at optimum performance. We can remanufacture your existing turbocharger or supply a new or exchange unit.

Holset turbochargers are to be found on automotive, off highway, power generation and marine applications. Some common applications include the Dodge Cummins truck, Cummins off highway equipment and MAN highway and marine engines.

BorgWarner Turbo Systems
BorgWarner Turbo Systems includes the former KKK and Schwitzer brands. BorgWarner turbochargers are found on a wide variety of applications from passenger cars to Caterpillar heavy equipment. BorgWarner also provides a large number of turbochargers for aftermarket applications.

Garrett Turbochargers
There is a Garrett® turbocharger for virtually every engine in the range of commercial vehicle applications, from the smallest to the largest on or off-highway engines. Garrett® turbochargers can single stage cover engine power requirements from 135 hp (100 kW) all the way up to and exceeding 1500 hp (1100 kW).

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