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Starting Systems

Starting SystemsLarge engines doing big jobs cannot afford starting problems. Diesel Injection can ensure that your starting system gives you the consistent starting performance that you need. We are an authorized distributor for several high quality air starter manufacturers, including the technologically advanced TDI turbine-style air starter. We service all types of air starters for marine, mining, oil and gas and other applications. We can also address your air compressor requirements with compressors and spare parts from NK, Ingersoll Rand and Sperre.

For smaller engines, electric starters are more common. As representatives of Bosch, Leece Neville, Denso and Delphi, we can supply electric starters for any application.

TDI Starters
Click the TDI logo to visit TDI's website.
TDI has engineered their starters to take on the dirtiest, messiest, most demanding places on earth. Environments where the supply air is foul with water, pipe scale, rust or even H2S. In places where frequent starting and long cranking cycles are the norm. TurboTwin's solid performance in extreme environments has set the industry standard for reliability, but it's also unmatched in cost reduction, safety and ease of installation.

TDI's TURBOTWIN™ air starter is the most advanced engine air starter in the world. The turbine starting system, designed by TDI's aerospace engineers, offers the following benefits:
  • Maintenance Free. No messy lubricator needed. No oil sumps to check and fill.
  • Repair Costs Dramatically Reduced. Half the moving parts of other turbine starters.
  • Thrives Under the Worst Conditions. Vane-less turbine motor is dependable even on dirty, wet air/gas.
  • More cranking capability with less air than other starter in its class.
  • Aerodynamic speed control prevents overspeed.
  • Low Pressure Starting Capability.
  • Environmentally Safe. No required lubrication of the drive, bearings, or gears means no oily exhaust emissions.
  • Heavy duty construction. No plastic or composite parts.
  • Vane-less design results in lightweight easy to install starter.

To download brochures on TDI starters, go to our resources page.

Ingersoll Rand Starters
Ingersoll Rand is the world leader in traditional vane type starters. Ingersoll Rand has starters for almost any diesel or gas engine application. All models are sealed for air or gas applications. Many models are available in both inertia and pre-engaged configurations.

Electric Starting Systems
Diesel Injection is an authorized dealer for many brands of electric starters, including Bosch, Leece Neville, Prestolite, Denso and Delphi.

Bosch heavy duty starters are found on many high speed marine engines and medium and heavy duty trucks. As a Bosch Diesel Systems Central Distributor, we supply Bosch Heavy Duty Starters for all applications. Bosch Premium Starters and Alternators are manufactured especially for extremes of heat, cold, and high demand. Each unit is built to last using the highest quality materials and the most technologically advanced processes.

Leece-Neville has a proud tradition of engineering the highest quality starter motors available. A leading supplier for the US Military for years, the same demanding design disciplines are brought into every product Leece-Neville brings to market. With global manufacturing capabilities Leece-Neville offers a quality starter motor for almost any application.

Air Compressors
Reliable air starting systems begin with the air compressor. Diesel Injection represents several market leading manufacturers of air compressors. With compressors from NK, Sperre and Ingersoll-Rand, we can meet all your air compressor requirements.
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