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Separation & Filtration

Seperation and Filtration Diesel Injection offers a wide range of products for fuel separation, filtration and other fluid management requirements. Every day our service technicians see equipment that has been damaged by poor fuel or lube oil management and treatment practices. Protect your investment with separation and filtration technology from Diesel Injection.

As an authorized Alfa Laval representative, we provide sales and service for Alfa Laval's marine and diesel equipment including environmental protection systems, separators, heat exchangers, desalinators and tank cleaning systems. Our Spinner II products provide lube oil cleaning that reduces engine wear by up to 50% and results in significant savings in operating costs. We also offer market-leading Racor products which provide efficient and reliable water separation and fuel filtration.

Alfa Laval Marine and Diesel Equipment
alfa laval

alfa laval
Oily Water Separator. Alfa Laval provides advanced systems for the treatment of sludge, oily water and bilge. In addition to protecting the environment, these systems will reduce your operating costs. Products from Alfa Laval meet or exceed the demands of legislation and ship owner requirements.

Fuel/Lube Oil Separators & Purifiers. We are also pleased to offer Alfa Laval's complete fuel treatment products which address treatment requirements from bunker tanks to main engines. Specific products include separators, fuel conditioning modules, filters and pumps. These reliable solutions reduce cost, wear and waste. Beginning with the cost-effective "emmie" for small to mid-sized applications through to the SU units used on the Queen Mary 2, Alfa Laval has separator equipment and other products for all your oil treatment needs.

Heat Exchangers. Years of experience and research have gone into Alfa Laval's high performance cooling and heating products. With a complete range for all applications, we can ensure the best product fit.

Fresh Water Generators. Cost-effective fresh water is in constant supply with Alfa Laval's fresh water generators. Alfa Laval's technology is based on the most reliable distillation process for high salinity water. Alfa Laval's fresh water generators are thermally driven which allows you to make use of the low-cost or free thermal energy that you have available.

Tank Cleaning Equipment. Alfa Laval's flexible Gunclean Toftejorg tank cleaning solutions are based on years of experience. Leading nozzle technology and an optimized spray pattern ensure thorough cleaning. The Gunclean Toftejorg 7000S is a single nozzle programmable turbine driven tank and hold cleaning machine. The unit is capable of cleaning simultaneously at one level or at various levels. The equipment fully complies with IMO regulations and the requirements of the classifications societies.

Racor Filtration Products
racor Keeping water and contamination out of fuel has been the focus of a Racor research and development effort that started over 30 years ago with the market-leading Turbine Series. The precision and sophistication of today's high performance, environmentally friendly fuel injection systems requires equally sophisticated filtration systems. Particles as small as 2 microns can cause premature wear or even failure of fuel pumps and injector nozzles. It is critical that these contaminants be removed by a reliable filtration system.

In addition to fuel filters, Racor has cleanable oil filters which replace standard oil filters with an easy-to-service permanent system; crankcase ventiliation filtration systems that keep engine rooms free from oily blow-by; and synthetic, water-repelling engine air filters guaranteed to provide twice the service life. There are water absorbing hydraulic filter, unique fuel/air separators that prevent harmful vent line overflow during refuelling.

Spinner II Oil Cleaning Centrifuges
spinner Diesel Injection is the distributor for Spinner II oil cleaning centrifuges in Atlantic Canada. Spinner II provides key benefits and cost reduction by:
  • Extending oil and filter life
  • Reducing engine wear
  • Protecting the environment
If you operate and maintain heavy-duty diesel and natural gas engines, the benefits of cleaner lube oil go straight to mn your bottom line. Because cleaner oil extends engine life, lengthens service intervals, increases equipment availability and cuts waste disposal costs.

High soot loads in today's low-emissions engines leave you with tough choices. You can keep drain intervals where they are and risk premature engine wear, higher repair costs - perhaps even catastrophic failures. Or you can change oil more frequently and absorb the increased costs of oil, filters, labour and down-time. Either way, you lose.

The good news? There's another option: a Spinner II oil cleaning centrifuge - a powerful, high-efficiency bypass oil cleaner. A Spinner II centrifuge is permanent, inexpensive and built to last the life of your engine. It's so effective, you can maintain or extend drain intervals while reducing engine wear up to 50%. That's why Spinner II centrifuges have been installed as original equipment by over 40 engine manufacturers and are used on more than a million truck and marine propulsion engines in the last three decades.

Go to our Resources page to download product information on Diesel Injection's separation & filtration equipment.
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