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Power Generation Equipment

Power Generation EquipmentIn today's marketplace, you can't afford to have your operation cease because there is no power. Whether you have auxiliary power on a marine vessel or back up power for your operation, you want clean, reliable power when you need it. Diesel Injection can help by supporting your requirement for Power Generation. From Generator Controls to Alternators to Voltage Regulation, Diesel Injection and its PowerGen team are here to help you. Read on to see how we can help.

Woodward Power Management Systems
woodward Diesel Injection is a Woodward authorized Central Distributor. With Woodward's power management systems, we can provide unsurpassed control system solutions for every type of power generation application, from the simplest to the most complex. Woodward's power management systems are based on four core technologies:
  • generator system control, monitoring and protection
  • generator voltage regulation and protection
  • switchgear control and utility protection
  • total systems integration
Woodward offers controls for single set, multiple and parallel sets and discrete function controls. The Power Management product line up also protective relays and network gateways.

Woodward offers integrated control solutions that provide high system functionality at a low total installed cost.

Kato Engineering / Leroy Somer North America
Kato Kato Engineering designs and manufactures a complete line of precision-engineered, top quality AC generators, motor-generator sets and controls for prime, standby, and peak shaving power generation. Concentrating in the 200 kW to 15 MW range, Kato supplies equipment for a variety of uses, including oil & gas, mining & manufacturing, military, transportation, co-generation, computers and telecommunications.

Ruggedly constructed Kato generators have survived the harshest environments, and Kato's commitment to meeting customer needs has made the Kato name synonymous with dependable power generation worldwide. Through its partnership with Henery & Sons Inc., Diesel Injection is pleased to represent Kato Engineering in Atlantic Canada.

Leroy Somer
Leroy Somer Leroy Somer's Power Range Alternators are the result of 50 years of experience in rotating electrical machines in low, medium and high-voltage alternators. The Leroy Somer line ranges from 1 kW to 25 mW and is backed up by your local representatives, Diesel Injection for Altantic Canada, and Henery & Sons Inc. throughout the rest of Canada.

Alternators cover a power range from 1 to 25 mW responding to the most demanding operating constraints:
  • Speed of rotation (300 to 3600 rpm) and adaptation to various drive systems
  • Voltages from 380V to 15kV
  • Healthy or extreme environmental conditions (humidity, corrosion, etc)

Basler Electric
Basler Electric Basler Electric is a provider of quality electrical products throughout the world. We offer Voltage Regulators for Marine & Industrial customers.

Basler's complete line of precision voltage regulators, both digital and analog will improve and optimize generator system performance. Whether prime power or emergency back-up power, Basler Electric's high performance Voltage Regulators are reliable. They also offer CSA certification.

Enertec Looking for a good quality "Made In Canada" Battery Charger? We are working with Enertec to promote their HX Battery Chargers. This reliable line of Battery Chargers offer an affordable, quality product to complete your genset package.

The HX Series Battery Charger is designed to maintain the exact voltage needed by lead-acid or nickel-cadmium batteries for optimal performance. Using SCR technology and an automatic equalization mode, the HX Series provides control circuit protection against overcharge and will limit the output current in the event of a short circuit. These chargers offer reliability, quality DC output signals, full rated power and quick adjustment. Options include a display showing the reading voltage & current output; a set of dry contacts for low voltage battery alarm and with or without cabinet.
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