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MAN Engines

MAN Engines Compact, Powerful and Economical

MAN diesel engines mean performance. Whether your requirements are continuous power output for workboats or generators or fast acceleration for pleasurecraft, the MAN performance advantage can be easily measured in the form of lower operating costs during full or partial-load operations. Whatever the case may be, you can count on your MAN engines to perform day-in and day-out in the most reliable and economical way.

Comprehensive MAN Support

Diesel Injection has MAN trained technicians on staff. In addition, as an authorized Bosch Central Distributor, we can provide complete fuel injection service for fuel systems on MAN engines. MAN service is available 24/7.

MAN Excels Over a Range of Applications

All over the world MAN engines are providing superior performance in marine, power generation and automotive applications. MAN has been the answer to many restricted space problems and offers a variety of single and multi-engine systems to fulfill various requirements. MAN's heavy duty engine line ranges from 260 to 800 HP. Light duty engines are available from 450 to 1500 HP. Engine arrangements include in-line 6, V-8 and V-12.

MAN Benefits

MAN high speed marine diesel engines offer tremendous benefits for customers, including:
  • 4 stroke water-cooled engine
  • economical operation by virtue of low fuel and oil consumption
  • high torque rise that provides fast acceleration
  • compact design, low weight, high output
  • low maintenance with minimal spare parts requirement
  • long service life
  • low emission figures

Modular Design

MAN's marine diesels are built on a modular principle. That allows for a large proportion of identical parts even in the most widely differing engine models. The latest production facilities guarantee high-precision engine parts and thus dependability in operation - the pre-requisite for a constant high quality level and an above-average service life.
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