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instrumentationUsing the world's best manufacturers of sensors, transducers and other instruments, Diesel Injection can design and install monitoring systems for a variety of applications including temperature, speed, flow, pressure and level monitoring. Accurate monitoring and measurement of equipment operating conditions is essential to an effective condition-based maintenance system.

Dynalco Controls
We are pleased to represent Dynalco Controls in Eastern Canada. Dynalco offers controls, diagnostic equipment, instruments and sensors to ensure your equipment is operating at peak efficiency.

Dynalco's product offering includes: Instrumentation, Automation Systems, Sensors and Diagnostic Tools.

Dynalco sensors have many uses including speed, direction sensing, flow and power measurement, counting, timing, and synchronization. The sensors come in a wide variety of lengths, body and pole piece diameters, and output levels. Styles include self-powered magnetic, miniature, dc-powered, and Hall effect. Dynalco also engineers sensors for custom applications.

Among its diagnostic products is Dynalco's engine analyzer which provides information on the mechanical condition, performance and vibration of industrial reciprocating engines, compressors, and rotating equipment. This information is accumulated and analyzed to allow you to manage your equipment better.

For over 20 years PSM has designed and manufactured instrumentation for such vital tasks as level, pressure and flow measurement for a wide range of industries. Thorough design and use of a wide range of chemical resistant materials ensures the reliability and accuracy of PSM transmitters even in the most hostile environments. PSM sensors are in use across all industry sectors including marine, brewing, oil storage, pharmaceutical and water treatment.

PSM's product line extends from transmitters and local gauging instrumentation through to the design of remote PC based monitoring and control systems. Specific products include:
  • Electronic level transmitters
  • Pressure Transmitters
  • Density Transmitters
  • UltraSonic Level Transmitters
  • Process Monitoring Control and Display
  • Flow Sensors
  • Bilge Switches
  • Electrical Indicators

Diesel Injection is proud to offer Raytek's Non-Contact Temperature Measurement products. From Hand Held Non-Contact Thermometers to IR Temperature Sensors, Raytek offers a solid line up. Raytek's portable division designs handheld infrared thermometers that are used as diagnostic tools in HVAC/R, fire safety and protection, industrial maintenance and quality control applications. These fast and reliable tools are famous for their rugged, ergonomic designs and affordable prices.

Pyromation - Quality in Every Degree®
"Dynamic and responsive" - that's Pyromation. For more than 40 years, Pyromation has offered innovative solutions for customer sensor needs. Pyromation offers a broad range of temperature sensors, designed to meet critical temperature sensitive process industry requirements. Whatever your application needs, Pyromation has a standard or specialty product, assembly, instrument or accessory to match. Products like:
  • Industrial thermocouple elements, protection tubes and assemblies
  • MgO Insulated Thermocouple Elements
  • Plastic, Ruber and Packaging Industries Sensor Assemblies
  • RTD Temperature Sensor Assemblies
  • Thermowell Assemblies
  • Drilled Thermowells
  • Special Purpose Thermocouples and RTDs
  • Instrumentation and accessories
As your Marine & Industrial Pyromation Dealer, Diesel Injection offers you knowledgeable staff for your instrumentation requirements.
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