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The Diesel Injection Advantage

Diesel Injection is a full service original equipment sales and remanufacturing company. As factory direct representatives for many world class manufacturers, we provide new equipment and high quality remanufactured products at competitive prices. Our product line is focused enough to allow us to provide expert service for specialized systems on diesel engines and turbines and at the same time broad enough to encompass all major specialized systems in one company. This unique combination of comprehensive service with a broad product line gives us an advantage in the market, but more importantly, provides our customers with unique benefits described below.

  • Lower Total Cost of Operation

  • Genuine Original Equipment at Lower Prices

  • Product Support

  • Experience

  • Reliability

  • Options

  • On-Site Remanufacturing

  • Integrated Approach to Diagnostics

  • One-Stop Shopping
LOWER TOTAL COST OF OPERATION. As an authorized remanufacturing facility, we restore your equipment to like new condition and back it with one of the best warranties in the business. Fix as failed repairs cost you money in down time and additional remove and reinstall costs. At Diesel Injection, our remanufacturing process ensures the job is done right the first time. This saves you money!

ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT AT LOWER PRICES. We representatives of original equipment manufacturers like Bosch, Delphi and Woodward and buy direct from their factories. Since we focus on specialized systems such as fuel injection, controls, turbochargers and separators/filters, we can offer high quality support and still maintain competitive prices.

SUPPORT. We service what we sell. Our technicians are factory trained and provide design, installation and maintenance services for our major products. We have field service technicians available 24/7. We are available when you need us.

EXPERIENCE: We've been solving problems on fuel injection equipment, governors and other specialized diesel engine systems for over 40 years.

RELIABILITY: Avoid costly downtime by doing it right the first time! At Diesel Injection we use certified calibration and test equipment and complete service with genuine parts. Our work is backed by one of the best warranties in the business. If you count on your equipment to be ready when you are, come to Diesel Injection for you maintenance requirements.

OPTIONS: Some dealers can offer only an exchange fuel pump or governor - no matter what the situation. At Diesel Injection, we specialize in fuel systems, governors and related products. If your equipment is not performing properly, we can diagnose the specific nature of the problem and advise you of the best course of action. This means that you have options: we can remanufacture your equipment in our shop, or provide exchange or new units - the choice is yours.

REMANUFACTURING. Remanufacturing is the process by which a failed component is restored to "like new" condition. This is not the same as repairing or reconditioning. There are 8 steps to our remanufacturing process:
  1. Service History Check. We maintain a service history database of all equipment that enters our facility. The database is checked before service work begins.
  2. Complete disassembly. The component is disassembled, wear parts are discarded.
  3. Cleaning. Several different processes, including ultra-sonic cleaning may be used to remove paint, grease, dirt and other contaminants.
  4. Inspection. All parts are carefully inspected. Parts that do not meet manufacturer's specifications are discarded.
  5. Reassembly. The unit is reassembled using new parts to replace parts that did not meet specifications.
  6. Testing and Calibration. The unit is tested and calibrated to manufacturer's specifications. If a customer requests a calibration change, the changes are noted in our database and indicated on the nameplate.
  7. Painting and Labelling. The unit is painted and labelled for clear identification.
  8. QA Documentation. Our service work is guided by our QA procedures. All service work and test results are carefully documented in detailed service reports.
Because remanufacturing restores equipment to a "like new" condition, in most cases, we can offer a warranty that meets or exceeds the warranty on new units. Remanufactured products are typically 20% to 60% cheaper than new replacements. It's no wonder that our customers regularly choose Diesel Injection's in house remanufacturing services.

INTEGRATED APPROACH TO DIAGNOSIS. Fuel systems, turbochargers and controls are increasingly integrated. Wear on one component will usually affect the efficiency of another. With expertise in all the major specialized systems, Diesel Injection can accurately diagnose your engine problems.

ONE STOP SHOPPING. Once your engine problem is diagnosed, Diesel Injection can provide new or exchange replacement units or custom remanufacturing to solve the problem - whether it is found in a fuel pump, a starter or an electronic control.
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