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We provide sales and service for specialized systems on all diesel engines and turbines. As a result, we support customers in a variety of market segments, including:

Our customers range from individual owners of diesel passenger cars or light trucks to large shipping fleets and utilities.

Marine & Offshore 
marine and offshore We are located on the major transatlantic shipping routes and have efficient freight connections to Europe, the American eastern seaboard and the major centres along the North American Great Lakes. We are also located in a major supply centre for the East Coast oil industry. As a result, we have supported customers in the marine and offshore oil industry since our founding. We have considerable expertise in large low speed diesel engines. To meet the needs of customers in our marine customers, we have developed customized exchange programs to ensure security of supply and quick turnaround for their maintenance requirements.

Power Generation 
Power Generation The combination of diesel fuel injection systems and Woodward controls and power management systems allows us to provide comprehensive service to utilities with diesel powered generating stations. Diesel Injection can provide complete solutions for fuel and fluid quality management, fuel delivery and engine controls. Woodward offers an array of network communications protocols that connect systems together, from across the gen-set or across the internet.

Industrial Diesel Injection services equipment used in oil refining, mining, pulp and paper, forestry and other related industries. Woodward controls and Alfa Laval separators are commonly found in pulp and paper mills. We service fuel injection systems in diesel operated forestry and mining equipment. Our TDI starter products are particularly popular in mining applications as they are 30-50% lighter than competing brands. In many cases, this means that two people are no longer necessary to replace a starter. TDI starters are light enough to be installed by one person.

fishery Diesel Injection has been a key service provider for the Atlantic Canadian fishery for over 40 years. We provide high quality fuel injection service for all classes of fishing vessels from 35 foot open boats to deep sea trawlers. Our Woodward and Alfa Laval product lines are found on all offshore fishing vessels. Recognizing that maximum up time is critical for fishing fleets, we work with our customers to maintain the inventory levels of spare parts that they require.

Heavy Equipment / Construction 
heavy equipment / construction Through our many years of working on fuel injection systems for heavy equipment operators, we have found that fuel quality issues are a major source of equipment down time and represent a significant source of increased maintenance costs. We have worked with customers to provide innovative solutions to these problems including, detailed fault analysis, use of fuel additives and centrifugal fuel and oil separators. All of our major product lines are commonly found on today's heavy equipment.

automotive The technology in the automotive diesel segment is rapidly changing to meet new consumer demands and environmental requirements. Diesel Injection represents many of the technology leaders in this market - Bosch, Stanadyne and Delphi. We stock new and exchange units and also offer remanufacturing service for many common automotive applications. Our fuel additive products are recommended by General Motors, Ford, Volkwagon and many other major manufacturers.

Whatever your industry, Diesel Injection provides comprehensive service for specialized systems and precision components for your diesel and turbine equipment.
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